Mineralt Andorid miner SDK

Mineralt is the first service which offers Miner Software Development Kit to developers of Android applications. With our miner SDK you can build and run your own mobile miner application. Your application will use users’ CPU directly through the application, without using a mobile browser.

Before using the Mineralt android miner SDK, you must register and obtain your “Miner ID” on the Script page. Fore more details please visit our GitHub account.

Usage Scenarios

  • There are no restrictions on using the Miner SDK.
  • The main purpose of SDK is monetization of Android applications.
  • SDK and API provide different smart scenarios for monetization.
  • You can monetize the free version of your application by running the mining together with the launch of the application.
  • Using the API and the SDK and you can “mine” the in-game currency, recounting the cryptocurrency in the in-game currency in real time.

Key Fetatures

  • Mining with Android device’s CPU, without the need of launching a mobile browser.
  • Extensive SDK and API features: smart CPU load and the real-time monitoring of battery status.
  • “Full cycle of mining” - withdraw mined currency through Mineralt immediately.
  • Free technical support.
  • Bonus programs for app developers (get up to 100% of earnings).

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