For example, you install the Mineralt Web Miner script on your website. Your site audience visits your site both from desktops and from mobile devices.

As you remember, the Mineralt Web Miner script placed on your site can mine on mobile devices CPU too. Soon we will open this feature for all Mineralt partners, but for now, we activate it only by request through our account managers.

Is it mining on mobile devices? In some sense – yes, of course, because the CPU of the mobile devices are used for in-browser mining. If someone visits your website using a mobile device, then such a mining can be called “mobile”.

In-app mining on mobile devices without using a browser

As you have noticed in the paragraph above, we mentioned the site as an example. But, is it possible to mine on the mobile device without launching a browser and without opening a website with Mineralt script code? – Yes, it’s possible. Obviously, it is not mining in the browser, but it is mining in the application.

For this purpose, the Mineralt team have developed the Mobile Miner Android SDK, which allows launching mining on the mobile device in your Android application without opening the browser. Our team run tests and came to an interesting conclusion.

Look at the table with the results of the Mobile Miner Android SDK test:

Mineralt Miner on Website Mobile Audience VS Mineralt Mobile Miner Android SDK in Application

The results are obvious: the same mobile device CPU shows a larger hashrate, if it uses Mineralt Android SDK. Mining on mobile devices is more efficient in the case of using Mineralt Miner Android SDK in the application, than placing Mineralt Web Miner on your website and launching it through the browser for the mobile audience. In other words, monetization of mobile applications on Android with the mining is more profitable than monetization of sites and their mobile audience.

So, if you have an idea or task to earn money on a mobile audience or you have a lot of mobile traffic, then we advise you to start working with mining in the mobile applications for Android.

The Mineralt team is confident that the opportunity of mining in mobile applications opens extensive prospects for implementing different types of monetization for your applications. Moreover, Mobile Miner SDK allows to build new ad-less User Experience in your apps and get more loyal and RR from your audience.

You can explore the features and documentation of the mobile miner on this promo page.