Mineralt is a Gold Sponsor of the “European Summit”. It is the major networking conference and digital products expo which took place in Lisbon, on 2-5 March 2018.

Our participation in The European Summit conference was intent on creating a great networking experience and development of cooperation with leading companies. As it is extremely important in any business to maintain excellent relationships with your partners.

We presented our partners a closed beta test of our multicoin system, which mine the most profitable coins on the market. Our new development allow to monitor the exchange rates and the indicators of the mining calculators and саn switch to the most profitable coin in the automatic mode.

Moreover, we shared the secrets and successful cases of our partners on mining. In a public presentation, we told how to place correctly the mining script on a website, have a high income and maintain the loyalty of visitors.
Also we for the first time openly disclosed the financial indicators of our major partners (of course, without naming the partners).

Watch Mineralt presentation to be aware of.