In January 2018 Mineralt released a new version of the script (v2) which makes mining more profitable and has a number of advantages.

First of all, we abandoned the standard unstable libraries usually used by Coinhive and most similar sites. The new version of the script was built on completely new architecture which allows us to achieve high stability and performance of the script on users’ devices. It means that the script is more productive on lower CPU load and mining is more profitable.

The second advantage is that Adblocks hardly detected the script because we completly changed script’s architecture.

Thirdly, the work of the script as transparent as possible. We took into account wishes of antivirus companies and you can ask users’ permission for mining, using our widget. You can choose graphic design for the widget.

Widget for browser mining

We’d like to pay attention that Mineralt is an independent development with its own architecture . We are not resellers of other partner programs and it makes benefits for your profit.