On April 6th, 2018 there will be Monero hard fork on the block # 1546000. Mineralt is ready for this event.

We have written in our blog that the Monero development team declared war on manufacturers of ASIC equipment for mining. Therefore, the Monero team planned to change proof of work algorithm on the block # 1546000. The change in PoW will be implemented on April 6th, 2018. The Mineralt team has updated mining script codes and we are ready for this hard fork. Further XMR mining will continue with the new algorithm in the new chain.

However, the part of the cryptocommunity is dissatisfied with such a division, and decided to support the old PoW and the old chain. Thus on April 6th, Monero’s second coin will appear on the market, which will be called Monero Original (XMO) – “old Monero”.

The Mineralt team is waiting for XMO entering the stock exchanges. After that, our automatic auto-multicoin algorithm will take decision of mining “old Monero” (XMO) if XMO brings more profit in USD than the “new Monero” (XMR) with modified PoW.