Now Mineralt is able to track the real-time profitability of cryptocurrency and quickly choose the most profitable coin for mining.

Increase your profit by switching the mode of mining to the “Auto”, and Mineralt will immediately start taking financially correct decisions for you.

During last 2 weeks, the Mineralt script can mine 2 cryptocurrencies: Monero and Electroneum. Partners who switched mining to Electroneum see an increase in their earnings by 28.7%. But cryptocurrency market is volatile: every second the difficulty of calculations in the network changes, exchange rates of Cryptonight coins to the USD and Bitcoin are also changing
We developed the algorithm that calculates in real-time the most profitable coin for mining. In case the situation on the market has changed, your script automatically switches to the mining of more profitable cryptocurrency.

The Mineralt command recommends choosing the mining script mode to “Auto”.

We’d like to remind that Mineralt’s partners can withdraw earnings in mined cryptocurrency, USD, Bitcoin or other types of currencies every day.