This month we decided to release new features and improvements during the whole month. And it’s time to tell you about all products improvements in April and what features are now available to you.

But before it, Mineralt team sincerely thanks all partners who helped to test new features and improvements, as well as all those partners who found the time to take the survey. Your feedback is very important for us, thanks! Let us pass a review of the done work…

New Coins for Mining: Sumokoin and Nicehash

2 new coins are available for mining – Sumokoin and Nicehash. Now, Mineralt can mine 4 coins: Monero, Electroneum, Sumokoin and Nicehash.

So what?
In the case that 1 of 4 coins starts to be more profitable than other coins, then you have the opportunity to earn with Mineralt. We’d like to remind that we have the feature “Auto-Mulicoin” — you can choose this mode and Mineralt’s algorithms will automatically choose the most profitable coin from 4 available for you.

Choose the coin for mining in the script settings:

We upgraded Dashboard, on it you can also see statistics for all 4 coins:


JS API is a set of methods that allow you to manage your scripts in real time, and these methods are available to all partners without exception!

So what?
The open JS API allows you to control the work of the script on your sources more subtly – manage the CPU load in real time, start or stop the script work, monitor hashrate and much more. A detailed description of the API methods, you see here.

Also do not forget that this week was released custom domains 🙂

Performance Improvements

We constantly improve our product in everything. So in April we fixed some UI & UX bugs, enhanced the stability of the service’s work and made many other extremely useful technical tasks.