Now you can park your domain on Mineralt as proxy domain to bypass Adblock detections.

How does AdBlock block the mining script?

Browser extensions AdBlock block mining in the browser as well as other types of advertising.

Simple AdBlock extensions block the loading any scripts on the page (advertising, mining, statistics scripts) using lists of domains – blacklist, that is not a problem for us.

Advanced AdBlock extensions prevent the loading of scripts, if the load starts from a third-party domain. If a user visits where the advertisement from is placed, then Adblock blocks the advertisement, regardless of whether there is your website’s domain or an ads network’s domain in the blacklist.

How to bypass Adblock and increase the profit for mining?

We have developed the feature that allows partners to park third-level domains on Mineralt as proxy domains for hosting and script connections and automatically get SSL certificate for the parked proxy domain.

For browser extensions Adblock it looks like you load the script from your own domain and latter the script addresses to your own domain.

This approach allows you to run the mining script for a much larger amount of users, in some cases the increase is 50%.

To add your proxy domain, go to the Mineralt configuration section of the script and follow the instructions in the “Your proxy-domains” section.