Today browser mining has become yet more profitable! Mineralt can mine Electroneum on desktops and on mobile devices.

We launched the long-expected mining of Electroneum (ETN).

The last two weeks, the profitability of Electroneum mining compared to Monero has changed from 10% to 70% at the same CPU load. Today, at the moment of this publication, according to Whаttomine cryptomining calculator, Electroneum mining is more profitable than Monero by 37%.

To earn more, you need to switch the script to Electroneum mining and update the script codes on your sites.

Create “New traffic sources”: enter the name of the source, specify the URL and select ETN (Electroneum) from the Coin drop-down menu. Copy the new script code for the added source and replace it with the script code that was previously used for XMR (Monero) mining.

Earned Electroneum you can withdraw in USD, Monero (XMR) or Electroneum (ETN). Payouts are always made when the minimum amount in the equivalent of $5 (USD) is reached, each working day in the Payouts section.

Earlier the similar service Сoinhive released the script for Monero mining, which is based on the Cryptonight algorithm. But since this release, another cryptocurrency – Electroneum – which is also based on the Cryptonight algorithm, has shown rapid fast-moving growth, and Mineralt is happy to provide a new online Electroneum miner to our partners.

We are proud to announce that Mineralt is the first from the largest and the most reliable services in the browser mining market, who developed online browser mining script for Monero and Electroneum.

On March 5th, the developers of Electroneum launched a mobile miner. It is a simple way to earn cryptocurrency using your smartphone, installing a special Application for Android.

On March 19th, Mineralt expanded the limits of Electroneum mining – now the mobile cryptocurrency is mined directly from the browser.

The Mineralt script uses WebAssembly for browser mining and it works with 70-75% performance compared to the Android application Electroneum, but it is compensated by the following features:

– no need to install a mobile application

– there is no restriction on the type of device

– there is no limitation on the device OS

If you have a website, mobile application, browser extension, or other types of browser traffic, then the Mineralt script is the easiest way to earn extra cryptocurrency on the browser mining having asked your users’ permission.